Data Dictionary

Your guide to using the powerful datasets delivered by Alt/Finance.
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Database Schema
A reference guide of all data parameters, data types and definitions used on in the datasets. Get impactful visibility into how data is defined and how it is measured.
Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®)
Integrate Alt.Fn datasets into your financial analysis with GICS codes for accurate, complete and standard industry definitions across 11 Sectors, 24 Industry groups, 69 Industries and 158 sub-industries.
Multiple Asset Categories & Filters
Get an overview of data coverage with asset types (paintings, sculpture, digital art, wine, whisky, etc), time periods (modern, contemporary, old masters, etc) and more. Apply multiple filters for dates and regions.

Market activity


million datapoints

Analyze with your custom filtering by artist/brand, nationality, region, currency, and more.


asset categories

Covering diverse assets including paintings, sculptures, sneakers, gems, diamonds, wine and whisky.



Get a truly global viewpoint with market performance data from 120+ countries.