AI Valuation Generator

Get your free valuation report automatically generated with a complete dashboard experience for tracking.

Instant valuation reports sent directly to your email.
Real-time updates on valuations in your account dashboard.
Built by innovative data scientists and experienced auction specialists.
Asset types include:




Valuation reports for today's investment markets

Market tracker

Monitor changes in asset valuations with ongoing market activity for real-time reporting.

Event notifications

Set events on market thresholds and get notified when asset prices pass specified value levels.

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Innovation with AI

Using natural language processing, we combine custom models with OpenAI GPT-3.5 to streamline instant relevant insights.


Connect your digital portfolio with integrations directly into your tracking dashboard.

For teams of all sizes

Supercharge your business with data-backed valuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What users typically ask about the AI Valuation Auto-Generator

How do you determine the valuation of assets?

We combine data-based methods of factor pricing models and match your asset to the most relevant groups of similar items. With these datapoints, we're able to provide the most accurate valuations.

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Are your valuation techniques the same for all asset groups?

While alternative assets generally exhibit some similarities, every asset group is different with varying behavioral patterns. Our team of specialists and data scientists have created unique models which match these various traits.

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Will you need to inspect my asset?

As part of the valuation process, we ask for images of your asset to confirm the attributes and its characteristics. However, the valuation is based on a fair condition of your asset and does not factor physical damages. Therefore, an inspection is not required.

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Can I get valuation reports for my clients?

Yes, you can create valuation reports for your clients within your account and maintain anonymity as we don't require personal client details to generate your valuations.

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How do I monitor the change in valuations over time?

Once a valuation request is submitted, the report is added to your account in a dashboard which you can track. The valuations provide an instant view of changes with market activity factored in.

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How do I use this valuations generator for my insurance company?

The AI Valuations Generator is a powerful solution for insurance companies looking to strengthen coverage of alternative assets. For enterprise access, email to get further details on available scalable solutions.

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How much does it cost to get a valuation?

Valuations are provided free of charge for personal use, and included as a premium feature for business use.

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Do you charge a fee based on the value of my asset?

No, we do not charge extra fees based on the value of your asset.

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